About Us

Val Verde is inspired by Italian cuisine, and was created for Australian home cooks. Our passion for real food and simple cooking is celebrated in our ingredients. Our aim is to bring the best quality Italian ingredients to Australian families.

Val Verde has been in the heart of Australian families for over 20 years and today is a trusted brand for quality , freshness and authentic Italian heritage.

For generations, tomatoes, or “pomodori”, have been the essence of the Italian cuisine – generous, hearty and full of flavour. Our Val Verde tomatoes reflect our passion for home cooking and the authenticity of our Italian heritage.

Val Verde’s trusted consistency and flavour starts from the day the tomatoes are planted in Italy, using only the best selected seeds, to the day they are fully ripened under the Mediterranean sun, when they are picked and packed the same day. Val Verde tomatoes are grown and cooked without any preservatives, colouring or flavouring.

Complementing the range of canned tomato products, Val Verde Passata and Pasta sauces are made from traditional recipes, using 100% Italian tomatoes and high-quality ingredients. With no preservatives or colouring added, Val Verde sauces enrich your meal with an authentic Italian flavour. Our Passata is Australia’s number one Passata!

The Val Verde range also includes other Italian inspired products, such as pasta, grains and biscuits. Val Verde’s speciality egg pasta range offers traditional shapes typical from the Italian region of Emilia Romagna. Our breadstick, or Grissini if you ask an Italian, are made from a traditional recipe with extra virgin olive oil and are available in four delicious variants, great for entertaining.

Val Verde has a wide range of legumes made in Italy. From little lentils to plump chickpeas, Val Verde legumes are quality you can trust every day. Our range includes cannellini, chick peas, borlotti, red kidney beans, five mixed beans, lentils, black beans, butter beans and baked beans. Our legumes contain no artificial preservatives and are high in fibre.

Find Val Verde at Coles, Woolworths and all good Independent supermarkets and delis.

Our Ethical Sourcing

Val Verde is passionate about bringing good quality and value food products to Australian tables in a way that is sustainable and ethical. We believe that respect for human rights and moral integrity are fundamental requirements of being a food provider. It is our minimum requirement that all suppliers of our Val Verde tomato products meet our Ethical Trading Standards and the international standards for labour rights, which commitment is confirmed by regular third party auditing of tomato production facilities.